CrossCheck MedicalStaff –

Project Description

CrossCheck™ is part of the CrossCheck Group and whilst it is a new name, the team behind it has been involved in international background checks for the past decade. In fact CrossCheck™ is the child of a few parents including Quest Research Ltd, IntegraScreen Ltd and Dataflow Ltd. If you are interested to know more, please read on.
An essential international database for patient care and regulatory compliance. If you license, hire or insure medical staff, this check is critical.
If you are a patient and planning a procedure or treatment, this check could prove vital.

Project Information :
1.Cluster Web Application Architecture.
2.Single Sign-on Multi Portal Functionality.
3.Run Time PDF Export Functionality.
4.Full Text Search Logic.
5.Jquery & Ajax Event Handling.
6.User Activity Monitoring ( IP, Browsers, Sessions, Location, Page Query times, Page Stats )
7.Referral Join Process.
8.Commission Base Search System.
9.Multi-Payment Gateway with Recurring.

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