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Fortnum Professional Strategies is an initiative of Fortnum Financial Advisers. The purpose is to provide opportunity and resources for accounting firms to partner with financial planning practices to develop effective, integrated and seamless services that fully address clients’ needs.
We are committed to doing things differently and more specifically, doing things better. This is the reason for setting up this website and developing a set of resources specifically for the purpose of implementing a genuine partnering business model for accounting practices and financial advisers.
Through Fortnum Professional Strategies programs we aim to create a platform where accountants and advisers use their complementary skills to satisfy clients’ needs and in the process build their businesses through a regular flow of cross-referrals and of course, directly from their own delighted clients.
The fact is, accountants and financial planners are in this together to add value to clients and in so doing, comply with the rules relating to who can advise on what. In our view, the long held debate about who ‘owns’ the client and who should be the centre of their universe is obsolete. At Fortnum our corporate charter is very clear – clients’ interests must come first. We believe that being the best we can be and working collaboratively with aligned professionals will create the best outcomes for all concerned.
We have developed many strong, genuine and prosperous business relationships with accounting firms that deliver high level technical advice as well as outstanding customer service that is much appreciated by our jointly-held clients. Please take a moment to read our case studies and testimonials. We invite you to contact us directly to find out how together – Our clients will always come first!

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