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Investing is easy, but the vast majority of people do it badly and rely on luck. Investing well is extremely hard. The best place to start is to understand and control risk. Risk means different things to different investors, Innova have uniquely developed tools to measure and cater for this. We’re different. We focus on your individual goals and objectives – what you want to achieve. This helps determine the risk comfort zones that are right for you. We then build a portfolio focussed on controlling those risks to then focus on achieving your stated outcomes.

This means that we do not adhere to the ‘buy and hold’ mantra often cited by others in the industry. We may ‘buy and hold’, yet we may not. It depends on the value of the assets in your portfolio, whether we think they are cheap or expensive, and the risks attached to them, Additionally, we invest where we think it makes the most sense based on your individual circumstances – with almost no restrictions.

Innova concentrates on managing risk for clients. To achieve this we have built risk management tools in conjunction with the Milliman Group, one of the world’s largest actuarial and financial risk management firms. Milliman provides advisory services on over $500 billion in account value for more than 6 million accounts. With a 15 year track record in managing market risk, so you can rest assured that you have access to some of the most robust risk management tools available in the world working for you.

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